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11 September 2018
Danger of Rubella Virus and How To Prevent It!

Rubella is a mild viral infection that is contagious and acute, which occured often in children and young adults. From 2013 until 2017, based on data from The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, there are 31.449 Rubella cases in Indonesia.

The Rubella virus is transmitted by air when infected people sneeze or cough. It usually causes a mild fever and rash illness in children and adults. For pregnant woman, infection during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester can result miscarriage, fetal death, stillbirth, or infants with congenital malformations, known as congenital Rubella syndrome (CRS).

Rubella needs effective prevention because Rubella cannot be treated and medicines are only supportive treatment for infected person. Vaccination is an effective way to protect against Rubella. In this case, Indonesia has initiated a national Measles-Rubella Immunization Campaign, to protect Indonesian children from Rubella.

After immunization, we have to take care of our personal hygiene as well. As simple as washing our hands. Keeping hands clean is one of the most important steps to avoid of getting sick and spreading bacteria. Besides washing hands with soaps and water, we can also use hand sanitizer as an alternative.

Antis is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer (antiseptic waterless hand cleanser) product. Antis contain active ingredients such as 70% alcohol that effectively kills germs immediately. Antis is the pioneer of anti-germ hand sanitizer products which has proven to be the most effective at killing 99% of germs (Diarrhea, Typhus, E. Coli, Flu, etc) in just 4 seconds and clinically tested according to WHO regulations and world standards.


Pic taken from : https://www.publichealthontario.ca/en/BrowseByTopic/InfectiousDiseases/Pages/IDLandingPages/Rubella.aspx




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