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09 July 2018
Do not Delay Your Toilet Time
Feces is something that must be released by the body. But sometimes, there are conditions that do not allow us to remove the feces through defecation. For example when we are stuck in traffic, that is impossible to us to go to the toilet.
Unleaded feces will become hard and will be difficult to be released. Therefore, as much as possible, never delay toilet time,  because it can cause the following things :
1. Hemorrhoids
Holding a bowel movement for a long time can cause blood vessels to swell up to cause hemorrhoids. If the hemorrhoids are left, according to dr. Meta Hanindita quoted from doktersehat.com, it can be dangerous and can cause iron deficiency anemia.
2. Sometimes Can Cause Diarrhea
Holding a bowel movement for some people can cause constipation or difficulty to defecate. But some others, just holding BAB can cause diarrhea.
3. Bowel Can Absorb Toxins
Feces which is long in the intestines, will be hard, and the digestive system that should absorb water and nutrients so absorbs toxins in the feces.
Although hold a toilet time is not too dangerous and does not cause serious illness, it's good not to hold back too often. Do not hesitate to immediately look for toilets and permits to the back for digestive health.
In addition, to maintain digestive health, we should consume fiber every day. The benefits of fiber can be obtained by eating vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts, and also by taking Vegeta fiber supplements. Vegeta now comes with a formula that is not really thickened and with a better orange flavor to meet the needs of fiber every day, so it can help to keep the health of digestion. Not only that, regular consumption of Vegeta can also help control cholesterol, prevent hemorrhoids, and can prevent colon cancer.
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