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15 April 2018
Mistakes That Occured While Ironing Apparel
Ironing clothes is a routine household chores by most people. Not infrequently, in ironing, we make small mistakes that we don'trealized. In fact, these small mistakes can be fatal to our favorite clothes. Here are the mistakes that are often done when ironing clothes:
1. Ironing a cloth that is too dry
Ironing clothes in too dry conditions will make the clothes wrinkle and hard to iron. The solution is by using ironing aids to soften the clothes such as Kispray Gold so that clothes become quickly smooth when ironed. Not only that, Kispray Gold with fine perfume gives more durable fragrance and make the clothes becomes softer and not rough. Kispray Gold also contains an active ingredient anti-bacterial alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, which effectively kills germs that cause musty smell and prevent the growth of fungus on clothing.
2. Not paying attention to the type of cloth on clothing
Ironing cotton and silk apparel requires a different treatment. You can start ironing materials like silk or polyester that only require low temperature, then can be continued with cotton, or other thicker materials. We must also be careful of clothing materials that are vulnerable to heat or friction. Materials such as velvet or knitted usually need to be evaporated in order not easily stretched.
3. Not Using the correct ironing pad
To be comfortable while ironing, you should use a soft pad. Using soft pads can reduce the risk of damaged clothes when ironed
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