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12 March 2018
What is Japanese Enchepalitis and How to Prevent The Disease?
Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a disease of inflammation of the brain caused by the Japanese encephalitis virus including family of Flavivirus. This disease, in fact, occurs only between mosquitoes, pigs and swamps. However, humans can be infected with this virus if they bitten by an infected Culex Tritaeniorhynchus mosquito.
If humans are already infected, symptoms will appear after an incubation period that lasting 4-14 days. The symptoms of this disease are similar to dengue fever (DBD), such as high fever, followed by other minor symptoms such as shivering, headache, weak, nausea, and vomiting.
Symptoms can occur 5-15 days after the bite of a virus-infected mosquito. JE is a health problem in Asia, as well as in Indonesia. The number of this disease in Indonesia as reported from Liputan6.com, in April 2017 and that is as many as 326 cases and most provinces sufferers in Bali Province with the number of cases as much as 226.
Culex mosquitoes as a vector of JE disease usually live in rice fields and farm areas. In rainy season, incidence of japanese encephalitis disease also tends to increase. To prevent japanese enchepalitis disease, there are several things that can be done, such as :
1. Immunization
A total of 85% of Japanese Enchepalitis cases reported in 2016 occured in the age group less than 15 years old. This causes Japanese Enchepalitis to be considered a disease among children. In fact, Japanese Enchepalitis also can attack adults. 
2. Control The Japanese Enchepalitis Vector 
Important interventions in controlling Japanese Echepalitis disease are by controlling the vector for example by eliminating poultry populations, vaccinating animal farms, eradicating mosquito breeding with 3M Plus, such as draining and cleaning water reservoirs, closing shelters water and routinely changing the drinking water of birds or other pets, and reusing unused goods.
While the plus, is the use of mosquito repellent lotion such as Soffell which has 2 protection, the first is to prevent mosquitoes with Soffell scents, and second is to protect the body from mosquito bites with a flavor that is hated by mosquitoes. Not only that, to avoid mosquito bites, We can also doing some things, such as avoid using dark-colored clothes, planting mosquito repellent plant, breeding mosquito larvae fish, and others.
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