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12 February 2018
Prevent of Flu In Rainy Season

Influenza or commonly known as flu, is an infectious disease caused by  RNA virus. Symptoms of this disease are usually fever, muscle aches, cough, headache, and discomfort in the body. Unpredictable weather changes like today make the body's immunity decrease and cause the body easily contracted flu virus.

Although the disease is fairly mild, but lately, a number of countries such as America, China, and Hong Kong were hit by a fairly serious flu epidemic. As quoted from Detik.com, the number of people suffering from flu outbreak this year has equaled the swine flu phenomenon in 2009 and surpassed the highest seasonal flu epidemic in history in 2003. Deaths from influenza and pneumonia, which are linked to each other in the US winter, are reportedly responsible for 1 out of every 10 deaths during January 2018.

Some cases of this flu remind us to always prevent rather than cure. Therefore, it is important to take precautions against influenza such as:

1. Drinking warm fluids.

Drinking warm fluids can help you feel better because warm water can relieve flu symptoms such as runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, and weakness. Try to avoid cold water consumption especially ice water if in the flu.

2. Consumption of Vitamin C

Consumption of vitamin C can help you to improve body immunity so that the body is not easily susceptible to RNA virus that causes influenza. Adults should consume 65-90 mg of vitamin C daily. In addition to the form of dietary supplements, vitamin C can also be obtained with the consumption of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, peppers, kiwi, and spinach.

3.Keep The Hygiene

Unconsciously, many are exposed to viruses and bacteria through dirty hands. Therefore, we have to get used to wash hands every time touching the goods in public places, or before and after eating, and also after getting out of the toilet.

As reported by metrotvnews, according to the Center of Disease Control (CDC)only by getting used to always keep the hand hygiene, it can reduce the risk of flu and other respiratory diseases by 21%.It may also reduce the risk of diarrhea and intestinal infections up to 59%, as well as preventing the more serious diseases such as hepatitis A or meningitis.

Keeping hand hygiene is now very practical because of the presence of hand sanitizers such as Antis. Antis contains 70% alcohol which can kill germs such as E.Coli and S.Aureus. No need to worry that your hands become dry if using Antis, because Antis contains moisturizer which keeps the hands soft. With long lasting protection from germs for 2 hours, Antis suitable for use at any time such as before and after eating, after touching the pets, after touching the object or using public facilities, and other activities.


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