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18 December 2017
The Importance of Hand Hygiene to Prevent Diphteria

Diphtheria is a disease that caused by Corynebacterium Diphtheriae bacteria that can cause death especially in children. This disease releases the respiratory tract so close the respiratory tract primarily. Not only that, death can also occur because it causes inflammation of the heart muscle and nervous system are also often affected causing paralysis. As reported by Viva.co.id, cases of diphtheria in children since early 2017 has been increased, a total of 28 provinces have contracted this deadly disease. That is why diphtheria is finally set as Outbreak (Extraordinary Events) by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.. 

Until  now, the Ministry of Health recorded more than 1,260 cases of diphtheria in Indonesia and has claimed 61 deaths within 3 years. To prevent diphtheria in children, the best protection is to immunize. As reported by detik.com, the Indonesian Pediatric Association (IDAI) reminded that parents do not forget to protect children with vaccines. Children under 1 year of age can already get the vaccine which is then have to be repeated again when entering school age.

Not only immunization, another way to prevent yourself or your child from contracting diphtheria, one of the examples is by using a mask to avoid getting infected, because the transmission of diphtheria is very fast, which can be transmitted through saliva spark, usually through sneezing or coughing. Then, do not forget to always wash your hands to keep your hands clean and avoid the disease. Hand washing with running water or hand washing using antiseptic fluids, such as Antis that can reduce the risk of transmission of diphtheria because Antis contains 70% alcohol that can kill bacteria and viruses within 4 seconds. No need to worry if the hand will be dry after using Antis, because Antis contains moisturizer so that the hand will not feel dry. Antis now comes with a more practical and non-sticky spray packaging in hand, can be used anywhere and anytime, both before and after meals, after shaking hands with other poeple, after using public facilities, and other activities.


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