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17 November 2017
Tips on Maintaining Body Endurance

Eating certain foods or drinks can increase the body's immune is an important thing that we must pay attention to. Moreover, the current weather is not stabilized (transition), can make the body susceptible to mild disease that can interfere with our daily activities. Many diseases whose existence can be avoided if our immune system is strong.

Our immune system can be improved naturally, which is derived from the foods we consume daily. Here are some things we can do to get good body immunity :

  1. Exercise Regularly

Sport is a common secret that has been known to most people to increase endurance. Exercise does not need to be heavy or long, just by doing moderate exercise but regularly, can increase the body immunity. Exercise can also help us to be more relaxed, relieve stress, and maintain endurance.

  1. Rest

Adequate rest helps the body gain better immunity. Therefore,  in this transition season, we should begin to reduce stay up late at night, because staying up may cause the immune system weakened.

  1. Eat Nutritious Foods

Endurance can be enhanced naturally, one of them is eating nutritious foods. Eat nutritious food and balanced between carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. Avoid fast food and unhygienic snacks. Foods that can strengthen the body as reported at Kompas.com, are garlic, meat, eggs, wheat, avocado, mushrooms, brazil nuts, and others.

  1. Consuming Adem Sari Regularly

Adem Sari as a freshener contains Citrus Aurantifolia extract, Alyxia stellata ret extract. Cortex, Cinamommum burmanni BI cortex extract, and Vitamin C that can relieve heatiness, sore throat, sprue, chapped lips and constipation. Not only that, by drinking Adem Sari regularly, it can increase body endurance so that our body are not easy to get sick. Adem Sari also can relieves the symptoms of flu and sneezing that often struck during the transition season.

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