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11 October 2017
Beware of Mosquito in Rainy Day

Usually, during the transition period of the dry season to the rainy season makes many diseases suddenly appear. One of the diseases that should be wary of is dengue fever (DHD). In Surabaya as reported by Detik.com, dengue fever patients have reached more than 300 cases of residents affected by dengue fever. While in Bojonegoro, as reported by Kumparan.com, early October 2017 has been reported 10 cases of dengue. Dengue fever cases usually begin to appear again during the rainy season, because in the rainy season, sometimes causing puddles that can be a strategic place for dengue mosquitoes or aedes aegypti to breed.

To prevent dengue fever in the current transition season, the most important thing is to pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, for example by doing 3M Plus or draining the tub, closing the water reservoir, and reusing the used goods. While the plus is to avoid using black or dark clothes that will attract the attention of mosquitoes, using bed nets while sleeping, and using mosquito repellent lotion that can provide maximum protection on the body skin like Soffell.  

Soffell has 2 protection, the first is to prevent the bite of mosquitoes with Soffell's scent, and the second protection is to prevent mosquito bites with a flavor that is hated by mosquitoes. Not only that, Soffell also contains moisturizer that can make the skin soft, not sticky, and can be used any occasion such as watching TV, while relaxing, and during sleep.

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