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07 September 2017
Tips of Prevention of Cholera in Mecca

In 2017, there are 221 thousand pilgrims departed to the holy land, Mecca, about 63 percent or 120.000 at high risk of cholera, a contagious disease in the digestive tract caused by the bacterium vibrio cholerae. Based on WHO (World Health Organization) data as quoted from Kompas.com, there are 362,000 cases of cholera and as many as 1,817 people died, to date due to cholera disease.

The Ministry of Health of The Republic of Indonesia has warned potential hajj pilgrims in 2017 about the dangers of a cholera outbreak that is currently attacking the country of Yemen, a neighbor of Saudi Arabia. According to Nila.F.Moeloek (Minister of Health), diarrhea in Indonesia is still found but cholera is very rare. The symptoms of cholera include diarrhea with vomiting and new symptoms appear 8-72 hours after the patient is exposed to the source of transmission, the patient can also be nauseated for several hours, the patient also usually experience stomach cramps, and dehydration.

To avoid cholera, we can do such a thing, like :

  1. Consume boiled water or bottled water to drink. Do not be careless to drink raw water, especially in holy land because we don’t know the condition of the water whether it is clean and free from vibrio cholerae bacteria or not
  1. Only use clean water to do daily activities such as washing dishes, bathing, face wash, toothbrush, and others
  1.  Avoid raw meat or undercooked seafood. Undercooked foods can be infected by cholera-causing bacteria.
  1. Always wash hands before and after meals. Washing the hands regularly as well as recommended by the Minister of Health is very important in order to avoid cholera disease. Hand washing with running water plus hand washing using antiseptic, such as Antis can reduce the risk of disease transmission. Antis is a hand sanitizer that has 70% active alcohol ingredient. Antis clinically tested can kill 99% of germs that cause various diseases, such as E.Coli and S.Aureus germs. No need to worry if the hand will be dry if using Antis because Antis contains moisturizer. Antis now comes with a more practical and non-sticky with spray packaging which can be used anywhere and anytime, both before and after meals, after shaking hands with other people, after using public facilities, and else.


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