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02 August 2017
Beware of Colon Cancer

One of the signs of a healthy body is a digestive system that works well or does not have difficulty defecating. Difficulties of defecating in a certain period of time can cause more serious illness, one of them is colon cancer. The findings from "The American Journal Of Gastroenterology" in 2003 led to the more difficult for defecating, the greater the risk of colon cancer.

Factors that can increase a person's risk of colon cancer include: fiber deficiency, smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, age above 50 years, diabetes, lack of exercise, and else. According to Alodokter.com, colon cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the colon or the end of the human digestive system. Colon cancer patients are usually elderly or people over the age of 60 years, but nowadays, there are a lot of people under the age of 60 also suffered from colon cancer.

Colon cancer can be identified from the symptoms, such as the presence of dirt in the blood, changes in texture or density of feces , losing weight, flatulence, fatigue, lack of appetite, constipation, and else. Although not all of these symptoms will be felt by colon cancer patients, but it is good to remain wary especially if you are experiencing prolonged constipation and your age has reached more than 50 years.

As the proverb says, it's better to prevent than cure. Therefore, there is much we can do to prevent colon cancer. According to Dr. Ari Fachrial Sham (Digestive Digestion Department of Internal Medicine FKUI RSCM) as quoted from Kompas.com, lifestyle changes and the environment is needed to avoid the possibility of suffering from colon cancer.

Starting from increase the frequency of eating fibrous foods such as vegetables, fruits, and others and also avoid fast foods that are high in fat. Then, start to exercise regularly 2-3 times a week. In addition, change the form of the toilet should also be considered. If you use a toilet seat, you may consider replacing it into a squat toilet for possible constipation to be minimized.

In addition, you can consume Vegeta Orange regularly. Vegeta is a fiber supplement derived from natural herbs such as plantago ovata and chicory roots that can help digestive health. Not only helps to maintain digestive system to avoid colon cancer, regular consumption of Vegeta can also prevent hemorrhoids, and help to lower cholesterol. Other than that, Vegeta can also help the diet by binding fat from food.

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