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01 July 2017
Eliminate Drowsiness and Fatigue During Travelling to Home Town

Travel back and forth to the hometown has become an annual 'ritual' conducted in Indonesia. Although traveling to hometown is identical with the prolonged traffic jam, not to mention the long distances, it does not obstruct the travelers to travel to their hometown.

Although it seems unimportant, but fatigue or drowsiness can be very fatal if ignored. Moreover, as reported by Kontan.co.id, sleepy accounted for the largest accident during Idul Fitri, up to 66%. To avoid sleepiness and tired during the trip to hometown, consider the following tips:

1.  Try to always rest enough before traveling back and forth, either trip to the hometown or back to the place of origin. Because you will travel far, prepare your body as possible. If necessary, add intake since a few days before the trip to make the body more fit.

2. Avoid consumption of medicines that can cause drowsiness. If you have to take medicine because of illness, you should choose medicine that does not cause drowsiness, or choose herbal remedies.

3.  Try to travel alone. A journey to home is usually done with the family or relatives so you have someone or some people who accompany you to chat or someone who can take turns to dribe if you are getting tired.

4.  Do light exercise in the car

When travelling far, your muscles will be tense, so that it is important to move so that your body is not stiff.  In addition, chewing gum can also reduce jaw muscle tension and eliminate drowsiness.

5.Consume Proman

 Proman energy drink contains high quality ingredients such as multi ginseng which are beneficial to the body in times of needing more energy. Not only that, the mineral and vitamins B3, B5, and B12 and its caffeine ingredient can increase muscle stamina, keep the spirit awake, refreshing the body. Proman is very suitable to drink while driving for a long time, such as travel back and forth to keep the body fresh and concentrated driving was maintained.

6. If all the above you have done but you remain sleepy, stop and rest immediately.

Do not force your body to stay awake if you are tired. Do not forget to stop and rest in the rest area or other safe place, do not sleep or rest in dangerous places like on the shoulder of the road.


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