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01 June 2017
Exercise While Fasting

Many people argue that we do not need to exercise when fasting. In fact, fasting is not an obstacle to any activity, including exercise. To exercise in the month of fasting, there are some things to note which are :

1. Timing Options to Exercise

Choose the exercise time 2 hours to 30 minutes before the time to break the fast. Avoid exercising after dawn, because your body needs energy for a full day.

2.  Type of Exercise

Although fasting is not an obstacle to exercise, but should avoid heavy exercise that drains the sweat. Choose low impact sports such as yoga, pilates, or body balance. Adjust the type of exercise with your body condition so that energy is not quickly drained and you become weak during fasting.

3. Choice of Nutrition When Suhoor and Break Fasting

When going to fast, when taking a suhoor, you should avoid to eat fatty foods, foods high in salt, or high sugar. Balance it with eat lots of fruits and vegetables so that your body has a strong and durable power. Consumption of honey or korma is also good as energy reserves for the body. 

4.Drinking The Right Drink When Break Fasting

After exercise, body fluids will be reduced, so when it comes time to break the fast, we should drink water first, then can be followed by consuming Coolant, a body cooling drink made from herbal extracts (Chrysanthemum and Yam Bean extracts) combined with spring water to provide fresh, light, cool flavor, and relieve thirst quickly. Not only that, the content of essence cooling, in the form of bengkoang extract and chrysantenum flower naturally serves to remove heat from the body and makes it cool again.


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