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09 May 2017
Mosquito Repellent Is The Most Effective Way To Prevent Dengue Fever

Various methods are used to prevent dengue fever, as well as other mosquito-borne diseases, ranging from mosquito nest eradication program (PSN) known as 3M Plus which are drain and close water reservoirs, and utilizes used goods. While the plus is using bed nets while sleeping, sprinkle abate powder in water reservoirs, avoid using dark clothing, wear mosquito racket, and use mosquito repellent lotion during activity and sleeping.

The use of mosquito repellent lotion to prevent mosquito bites is a simple way that used by people.  Moreover, the use of mosquito repellent lotion is the easiest, safer, and economical way than fogging or the use of mosquito coils. According to Dr.Tri Yunis Miko Wahyono MSc (Research Center for Epidemiology and Surveillance Faculty of Public Health University of Indonesia), mosquito repellent lotion is safer because mosquito repellent lotion can protect us from mosquito bites wherever we are. In addition, mosquito repellent lotion proved to be safe and effective to prevent Dengue Fever (DBD).

Meanwhile, the negative side of using mosquito coils is it depends on the space of room, if the room is more spacious, then the mosquito coils must be  used even more.  In addition, inhaled fumes from mosquito coils can be detrimental to health in the long term. As reported by Wartasolo.com, mosquito coils containing dichlorovynil dimetyl phosphate substances that include toxins that are in first grade and its use has been banned in the world.In addition, there is also a substance propoxur which is the second type of toxin contained in the mosquito coils burn. In long-term use, this propoxur will disrupt the reproductive system. In addition, in the mosquito coil and also some other chemicals such as transflutrin, bioallethrin, d-allethrin, cyphenothrin and praletrhin.

While prevention of dengue with fogging, as reported by Republika.com, the Health Office has warned about the negative effects of fogging. According to Rubaeah, in the 1992 epidemiology journal, it has been observed that the relationship between pesticide exposure commonly used in fogging can cause gastrointestinal abnormalities and in pregnant women have a greater risk of having gastrointestinal abnormalities.

Not only that, it turns out, the long-term negative effects of fogging can also lead to kidney failure, newborn disorders, gene and chromosomal damage to the baby in the womb, lung damage, and decreased immune system.

The long-term effects of fogging are also likely to be caused by toxins that are carcinogenic, mutagenic (genetic damage for future generations), teratogenic (birth defects from mothers who are poisoned), and the residues can be harmful to consumers. Therefore, if fogging is sprayed into people's homes, it will be very dangerous for all family members, especially children and toddlers. Therefore, you should be wise in choosing the safest way of prevention of dengue fever which do not have a negative effect on your body.


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