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12 April 2017
The Effective Way To Increase Stamina

Sometimes we feel the body becomes easily tired, especially after day full of work or activity. Beside enough of rest, we need to do these following things to increase our stamina to keep the body fresh and ready to perform other activities :


Exercise is very good way to increase your body stamina, especially if the exercise is done regularly 3 times a week. With exercise, the body's circulation will be better so that our body will feel more fit than before.

2. Implementing a Healthy Diet

The term "You are what you eat" is true. Food that enters our body can affect our body. Therefore, apply a healthy diet begins with consumption of fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is also important for you not to drink alcohol, soda, or other excess sweet drinks.

3. Watch Out Your Lifestyle

Beside food, you also need to pay attention to your lifestyle. Do not overwork and try to reduce staying up late at night. Enjoy your weekend with enough rest or holiday recreation with your friends or family. It can affects your body stamina.

4.Coffee Consumption

Coffee contains caffeine  which can be a good energy stimulant for the body and brain. Instant energy can be obtained immediately after consumption of coffee and can stimulate the body more active and awake.

5.Consumption of Banana

Banana is a fruit that can create great energy in the body. In addition, bananas can also make the stomach becomes full longer.

6.Consumption of Proman Energy Drink

Promo Energy Drinks contain high quality ingredients such as multi ginseng, Vitamin B, minerals, and caffeine that can provide a quick freshness sensation when taken. Proman is perfect for drinking when the body needs more energy or stamina to stay awake like such as driving a vehicle for a long time, after exercising, after a heavy activity, or activity at night.

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