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27 March 2017
Prevent Dehydration When Exercising

Keeping the body hydrated to stay balanced is an important thing to watch out for, especially when you are exercising to avoid dehydration effects. As quoted from Liputan6.com, according to Doctor Ermita I. Ilyas, Ms., AIFO from the Department of Physiology Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia suggested that athletes and people who do running to pay attention to drinking habits.

Especially if you are running when the weather is hot, then the ions in the body need to be replaced quickly. If the fluid in the body is not replaced, then the body temperature will increase, and the body will get tired quickly. The dehydrated body loses the ability to regulate body temperature and it can be fatal as it decreases performance, heat stroke, fainting, or even death.

Therefore, to prevent dehydration, especially during sports or running, you can do the following things:

  1. Drink lots of water

Drinking water before and during exercise is essential to avoid the risk of dehydration. Therefore, do not forget to always consume enough water.

  1. Consume Fiber

Eating fiber such as vegetables and fruits which are rich in water content also help to meet the needs of body fluids. Before exercise, consume vegetables such as cucumber, broccoli, or fruit such as grapes and kiwis which have a lot of minerals and vitamins needed by the body to avoid dehydration.

  1. Do Not Overconsume Caffeine

You should not consume caffeine, for example, caffeine that we can find in coffee or tea, especially before and during exercise. Caffeine can stimulate the release of more body fluids through urine or urine, as well as alcohol.

  1. Drinking Coolant, body cooling drink.

Coolant comes as a solution that can meet the needs for a beverage that is not just restore lost body fluids, but also can restore the increased body temperature after exercise. The ion content of the Coolant comes from mineral-rich mountain waters such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, which are rapidly absorbed by the body. By drinking Coolant after exercise, then the body temperature will quickly cool due to the effects of bengkoang extract and chrysanthemum ingredient. In addition, thirst and sultry were also quickly lost, and the circulation of the body also becomes more fluent.






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