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20 February 2017
Let's Prevent Constipation

Constipation is a problem in the digestive system where a person becomes difficult to defecate. The causes of constipation are diverse, such as fluid deprivation, heatiness, depression or stress, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, vitamin C deficiency, fibrous deficiency, and many other factors.

Then, how to avoid constipation? Here are tips you can do:

1. Consume lots of water

Consumption of water at a minimum of 2 liters per day is very important to ease bowel movements due to hard defecate.

2. Consume foods that contain high fiber

Foods that contain high fiber like nuts and seeds, such as red beans, long beans, almonds, cashew, groudnut, and peas that can be used as a high-fiber snack. In addition, the consumption of fresh fruits such as apples, berries, pears can help to overcome and prevent constipation. Vegetables such as broccoli also have lots of fiber and high nutrients that is good to prevent constipation.

Not only that, oat and wheat as a source of complex carbohydrates are also very good for the body, because beside containing high fiber, oats and wheat are also highly nutritious which can help to make the digestive system run smoothly.

3. Avoid Stress

Stress can affect indigestion, it is also may slow or increase peristaltic movement. When the peristaltic movement slows down, it will make constipation.

4.Consumption of Probiotic and Prebiotic Resources

Eating sources of probiotics that contain good bacteria such as yoghurt can promote digestion. Similarly, consuming prebiotic sources such as whole grains, onions, asparagus, can make the digestion becomes smooth and avoid constipation.

5.  Consumption of Vegeta Routinely

Menurut rekomendasi dari American Cancer Society dan National Cancer Institute, tubuh manusia membutuhkan 20-30 gram serat setiap harinya. Vegeta adalah suplemen serat yang terbuat dari tumbuh-tumbuhan alami pilihan dengan komposisi

According to recommendations from the American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute, the human body needs 20-30 grams of fiber every day. Vegeta is a fiber supplement made from selected natural herbs to meet your fiber needs every day. Vegeta oranges are safe to consume every day, good for digestive health and beneficial to make the digestive system run smoothly, prevent hemorrhoids, help the diet by binding fat from food, and lower cholesterol.

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