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Enesis Group, founded in 1988, produces the first mosquito repellent lotion in Indonesia, named Soffell, and it's currently becoming the market leader of mosquito repellent lotion in Asia and middle East.

The success of Soffell led the company to expand its business into the functional drink category in 1996, marked by the launch of Adem Sari or Sensa Cools. As a herbal supplementary powder drink, Sensa Cools enhances the body's digestion system, relieves constipation, and heals sore throat and canker sores. Another accomplishment of Enesis Group is Vegeta, a natural fiber powder drink launched in 2000.

Today, the company has expanded its product line into various categories and established itself as one of the prominent FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) groups in Indonesia.

Enesis Group is committed to develop innovative products. Some of its products such as Soffell, Adem Sari/Sensa Cools, Vegeta, Kispray, Antis, and Force Magic are the market leaders in their categories and have become household brands with distinctive differentiation.

Enesis’ products have always been perceived as trusted brands, dedicated to providing the highest consumer satisfaction. Throughout the years, Enesis’s products have won many prestigious awards such as Top Brand and ICSA (Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award).

To achieve international quality standards, Enesis Group owns two manufacturing plants with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001:2008 standards, supported with more than 3,000 employees located in Jakarta’s leading industrial estates: Pulo Gadung Industrial Estate and Cikarang Industrial Estate. Now, Enesis Group is building a new Plant in Cikarang to support its expansion plan.

Enesis Group is determined to create new products and expands its market both locally and globally. The latest expansion projects are market penetration in China, Vietnam, Thailand and USA.

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