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Market Research
Consumers are the company’s top priority. They are the main asset. Enesis Group always creates products according to the needs of its consumers. The Marketing Research Department periodically conducts a market and consumer research to ensure a two-way communication to define company’s product strategies. Qualitative and Quantitative research methods are used to make the best strategic decisions in all products.

Distribution Networks
All of Enesis’ products are widely distributed through big and small outlets to ensure easy access for the consumers. The company’s distribution channel consists of traditional markets, modern markets, and pharmacy/medical institutions, with distributors spread across Indonesia.

Research & Development
Equipped with the latest R&D technology, Enesis Group has launched innovative products that have gone through thorough research and development processes to fulfill the needs and demands of its consumers.

Advertising Promotion
Focused and impactful campaigns have made the company’s products the market leaders in their respective categories. Very frequently appearing on daily TV programs raises awareness and generates strong recollection on the products.

Production & Quality Control
To remain as market leaders, the production team ensures all products are of high quality and processed using hi-tech machines for mass production that comply with ISO 9001-2008 standards. The company’s Quality Control documentation system has received ISO 9001 certificate.

Performance Awards
Since 2002, Enesis Group has been receiving awards in all of its product categories. It has been awarded with prestigious awards such as Top Brand Award, ICSA Award, and Best Packaging Award for the past consecutive years. This confirms that Enesis’ products are at the top of mind and at the same time fulfill the needs of its consumers.

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